With my first blog I told you that I was having a friend come from America, glad to tell you all it was a success. We had time to relax, time to do tourist sites, met up with Haze (@Silverharp 100) who had arranged a table @illegalJacks a suprise to robin (@tango2paris)  and me (@survivorsburg) with a sign on the table reserved in our twitter names. We thought it a lovely suprise by Haze and Jack would like to thank them both for making us feel very special and Jack’s lovely staff too for helping us have a lovely ending to our day up in Edinburgh.

I now have a channel on You Tube called survivorsburg2006 where I will read poems from website or those that I have written and think you might enjoy being read rather than you just reading them. If you have a favourite from the sitehttp://www.survivorsburg2006.com  you would like to hear read let me know, I will try to arrange it.

This is a very exciting new adventure for me, to make it possible for people to hear how I wrote a piece of poetry and how I imagined it would be read. Three videos have been posted insipred by my wonderful husband who has always been a great support to me, Robin Younes @tango2paris Mark Grieve @Grieveworld-declassified. Hearing someone else read my poetry was strange which Mark did well on his show. Not how I had written it, lol so the reading of Oor Scottish Adventure (possible new recording ) came about I realised I had not done intro so it was done the next day. Once I got the permission from Robin and posted These Are Our Mountains. What and ending to a great week also saw my own country through different eyes, a wonderful experience.

As for the other projects I talked about in my last blog, I am still building new site I have some of the things I need and I am adding to it. Sadly Alan’s sister has not been so well and we have not been able to link up.

Our birthday was a very quiet relaxing evening but a valuable day in my life I will never forget. So this is 50, mmmm not a bad start at all, so happy in the new house. Happy I have some lovely people in my life, excited about the path my life seems to be taken through my own work. It makes me feel very humble at times but so so very proud of myself at others. My proudest moment was being asked to write a poem for Help For Heroes and I am rehearsing to do a recorded reading of it at the moment, will keep you all informed