On satuarday the 30/07/11 i had my 1st public preformance of my work, was nervous all week to the run up to the actual event then they just seem to disappear.

The evening itself was absoutely fabulous all the 1Radio crew were so welcoming  they really enjoyed my poem about them, made them laugh to, which left me feeling very proud and on cloud nine, to feel so much love respect and admiration in one room all at the same time for me was just so wonderful, so would like to thank them all for their support and belief in me.

On Fri 05/08/11 discovered i have been awarded my 1st google ranking i am over the moon about this to be ranked within 1st year of launch of my websitehttp://survivorsburg2006.com i am thrilled.

Thursday 8/11/11 my webiste is 1 year old what a year it has been, another year but much closer to the eventual goal of setting up a trust, have written my longest peom to date called 1 Radio and the Crew http://www.survivorsburg2006.com/seasonal-projects-and-events.php took about 3 weeks to construct was brilliant challenge.

All the support from family, friends,Twitter friends, all the team at 1radio has given me a lot more confidence about my work myself and the future. To be asked to write poem for Help For Hereos: Sleep Well Tonight  http://www.survivorsburg2006.com/good-causes.php  was the start since then the cofidence has grew and grew.

Yes i can stand with pride today and say i survived a horrific childhood but look at me now. Being able in some small way to help others even if just by writing a poem it make another human beings life more hopeful or eases their pain it is all worth it.

The comments left on my site so full of encouragement love and support overwhelms me sometimes but do appreciate all of them.

Every cloud has a silver lining and my” website” is definitely my silver lining in my life,

My poetry now my lifeline my destiny is how i feel , so now i say THANK YOU TO ONE AND ALL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT IN MY 1st YEAR

I send each of you love peace and harmony in your lives