Hi Everyone

This blog is to sum up my year 2011 and what a year lots of firsts for me this year (Mag Article) (public performance of my own work) (Poet Laureate 1radio) (Radio Interview) (Talent Competition) (Tweet Meet) with (@SilverHarp100) (International Tweet Meet) with (@tango2paris) (my transatlantic twin) and now writing a book made some very special connections with special people all around the world the wonder of modern communications this is also to thank Everyone who has helped me these last 12 months grow wiser stronger and more confident about my long-held believes and work your support is so appreciated.

Have a number of things happening in 2012 so go forward with great excitement also feel on right path in my life have not had major attack (touch wood) since we move to new home  only minor and medium but even they have been less so the move has improved my health attack wise.

But like all people not all my dreams came true either and the ones that did come true came true different from what I thought but highlight was defiantly the Audition in my private life My 50th Birthday I hope for big party but had meet with (transatlantic twin instead) but memorable next our Silver Wedding again hope for big celebration no once again had Audition 2 days before so even money for our meal was needed for costumes so coffee and cake in our favourite cafe and wall art (Love Sign in heart) for our new home.

The saddest event for me this year was a lose of someone I never knew for lot of my twitter and radio friends a little 11 year old whose words reduced me to tears with love and who’s braver made me feel so very humble Harry Moseley R.I.P  http//:www.helpharryhelpothers.com but his legacy goes on and my love and thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time of year xxx .

With love Peace and Harmony in my Own Home and Heart I wish you one and all my family/ friends where ever you are the same Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012