Survivorsburg's Year

Well the journey continues as like most had my Difficulties and Hurdles to over come this year  but my achievements and good out weighs them.

In my own life and new home steps forward hall/landing decorated also our bathroom looking nice and fresh next years goals for home is our own bedroom and our kitchen to get decorated.

As Survivorsburg massive learning curve 1st with my own website what i have now this is Survivorsburg2006 website the seal was a help at the start of this journey 6 years ago he was called Sammy the seal who would visit Burghead Harbour (Sound and Vibration weekend) were Love Peace and Harmony came into my life.

Would sit in the alcove each morning for his head to pop up always made me smile so that is were the seal fits in
for those of you that have seen all 3 designs the 1st was my 1st attempt and was very proud of it there was something for me not quiet right so redesigned it after BGT think i was in rebel teenage mode with that or being giving compliment about my figure day of Audition went to head decide that also was not Survivorsburg so now has been re-desgined 3rd time lucky i hope although i feel right for me lol lol.

The rest is the journey from a small gift of love and trust that's worn each day with love and great pride in #wearthebracelet a t-shirt arriving almost in perfect timing i wept  a 2nd that filled me with so much Pride My 1Radio Poet Laureate T-shirt whow next published my 1st book of Poetry Greatest Pride the day my devoted Supporting Hubby owned 1st copy ever of My New Book.

 Next year's New is a beautiful wonderful lady who happens to be 1 of my best friends #Pamela Brown is having a new princess join her family and we're all excited for the new arrival April'ish we all hope.
New Life brings with it New Hope so all the best to 2013 new mom in my life this year lol lol last year was Suzie and Garry from 1radio who got a gorgeous little boy called James each pic make me smile joy to see,

 Has been a huge learning curve and remains so differences ect between Printer's/Publishers ect ect running a Competition for youngsters ect would never of dreamed this a few years ago and to know it is helping people is such a wonderful feeling not everyone has close close family but i am an extremely lucky lady in life's family i have my  #FriendFamily #TwitterFamily #1RadioFamily #FacebookFamiily all of whom have been a great support and inspiration to me in good and bad times this last year Big Thank you to you All,

there is now a 1Radio Poet Laureate page that was Launched of 30th Nov 2012 St Andrew's Day a collection of poems and recordings of event or shows ect but all "FunonThe1" on since joining them more still to come so remember to check website for this New  Page

this year lost people to sad events each of them emotional time for us all festive season from grand parents to mum's and dad's or son and daughters that are no longer here with us even there have had massive learning curve and think i have found a nice way i go away on my own with own music and grieve for those not here then it time to celebrate Christmas/New Years Day as they did and remember their smiles and laughter at this time of year because if you so over came with grief and sadness at those not here you could miss out on treasured moments filled with love and laughter of the ones that are still here with you.

As for next year 2nd Poetry Book in construction Competition Open as i said in previous blog this time for the children  chosen Judges so excited another year of great forward movement.

but as i decide this for children the mention's in this blog are children or young adults who have inspire me over the last 3/4 years especially

 The 1st a little chap who told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and a grown woman cried unstoppably at his answer he was the one and Only #Harry Moseley we linked up when i joined twitter and his mum has done a wonderful job of making Harry's dreams come true sadly was not lucky enough to meet harry  ( Inspired a Poem and to now keep going with my own journey to building Trust)

 The 2nd #Victoria Tremlett or as @Tor87 how i met her on Twitter she needed lung transplant gladly i can say she did get it Victoria still with us and each time i see her in my timeline makes me smile, (Inspired Poem) 1st Stranger to do so.

The 3rd Callum Fairhurst met him through the @SuperNurseJune young gentleman who lost his brother to cancer now a foundation in his brother Honor the Liam Foundation and he's still a young school boy whow  example to us all,

finally the 4th youngster to inspire once again met on Twitter is Jack Groom who has beaten cancer raising funds helping Harry's mom make bracelets ect all helping others while they battled with their own illnesses most times with a smile on their faces.

why can't youngster like this get more T.V and Paper time ect  not only do they inspire their own Generation but all Generations including this 51 yr old.

so as we go forward into 2013 let's not just be teachers to but also learners from our youngsters and start promoting and rewarding the good and great in the youngsters.

Harry Made and Sold Bracelets this year #HelpHarryHelpOthers is not Established Charity Fantastic

Callum has done allsort's selling sweets rowing cycling ect ect endless things now Liam Foundation Established Charity Fantastic

Victoria as i said earlier i smile every time i see her in my Timeline all these youngsters show us all if you believe in it you can make any dream come true so proud to know all of them,

wee Jack like Harry a very brave little boy but has accomplished so much in his short life chatting to him is always a giggle but always respectful and with love he was also a friend of Harry's (how i met him) lol lol

so as i go forward with the thought of these youngster i look forward with Great Hope in my Heart

so towards the end of 2012 i wish 1 and All where every you are in the world this Christmas and New Year time

i send you Love Peace and Harmony