Thought the time was right to learn/ start blogging let you know what is happening with myself and website i launched the website last Sept 2010 and have been overwhelmed by the amount of hits worldwide and such positive feedback from my comments page, thank you all who took the time to leave comments they are all lovely and your support is so appreciated. Those that have visited the site will know it is all about helping others and spreading Love Peace and Harmony to all. soon i hope to have the on-line store back up and running few hick-ups what i am planning for the funds from this page is to earn a living for myself also to start a Trust called Alan MacDonald Trust this is to help Historical Survivors of Abuse Depression and Trauma through Sound and Vibration worshops instead of medication these workshops transformed my life and Alan’s to sadly he was taken from us in a hit and run 5 years ago but i swore then he would not be forgotten “NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON” will keep you posted.

My husband and I now have a new home in a beautiful part of the Country Scottish Borders we are so happy with it the dogs love the new back garden so life is good. Great excitement that my friend Robin is coming from America to help celebrate my 50th Birthday but very busy getting ready for it, a new decade in my life that I enter with great wonder

My own health has slightly improved but because i feel better inside can cope better with it (touch wood) not had serious attack in new home (yeehhaaa),