by now most of you know i published my 1st Poetry Book to help me support 3 charities the reason for each charity picked was 1st time Person i never met Inspired me to write a Poem Twitter @Tor87 with my new found Talent Gift not for Money not for Self Gain to give Hope she shared it with LLTGL (Live Life Then Give Life)The Gift Of A Lifetime:  who published it on there site the Pride i felt that day Enormous then a Gentlemen (ex-Soldier) saw it and ask me to write a poem for Him Twitter @CrimsonOrange and Help For Heroes Big H Gig: once again not for my Own Gain i did it with Love and Pride a friend on Twitter said it made her Cry being Asked another Enormous time in my journey to today , next day Friend of his Asked for me to do a Poem for them Soldiers Off The Streets: Soldiers Off The Streets:   the comments left on F/B made me cry that something i wrote could have such effect on other People i had Never Met ect, totally got my Poetry i was a very proud lady something that has took a lot of years to achieve to be proud of myself and my accomplishments all written from the heart with Love Peace and Harmony to help inspire others help others not thinking of self gain i am 51 yrs old i have Recovered (From Horrific Child Abuse) the most precious Gift of my Life since then everything i have done is to Help Support and Inspire others  in 2007 a dream i held dear and believed in for a lot of years came true but because i achieved that does not mean i don't have new dreams still to achieve in my life.

The 1st Poetry Book is to Support all the above mentioned because they inspired me in my early days of becoming a Poetess 2nd Poetry Book in Pipeline this time for 3 Children's Charities as even our youngsters can inspire all generations,

3rd will be animal charities ect each poetry book will be done the same way lots of charities out there need funding regularly this is my way of doing it, so they will still raises funds in long term from my work even when i am dead (hopefully Long time Yet though lol lol ).

Sadly due to situation i find myself in i also Now have to make a living from my work as not classed any more as a hobby or Therapeutic Aid but WORK.
i am not Benefit Scum who has sat back doing nothing with her life have use my time to try build something so i can 1st help others always and also to make a living for myself Now i have not taken taken and not gave back not what i am about,
A lady tweeted she was having a bad day sent her to read Bouncebackabilty  message back "not make it right but feel better" that means more to me than any amount money possession's i own to know i can help or make a difference to others is enough reward for me Personally.

The transition between Benefit Claimant to Self Employed Poetess not proving easy at all red tape and not fitting the rules ect.

My voice posted to Mr Cameron "If You Can't Find a Job Make Yourself a Job" i remember the speech well and when you try get tied up in red tape and accused of Fraud.

I am not a liar, cheat, con ect ect Truth and Honesty in what i say and write, a lady who has totally change her life in 6 years from still being a Victim to True Survivor and how others can also find it.
If i help 1 person find it quicker than i did its all worth it this is were it all started and where i come from helping others to recover or brighten a day,

Ever Charity Ever Trust started with someone/groups idea i am no different from inspiring people i have never met and those i have been lucky enough to meet in my life all who have inspired me and has brought me here,

Question Asked by DJ aprrox 2 years ago "What is your Dream Ambition ect Answer: to build a trust that would help historical survivors of Trauma Abuse and Depression (Primarily) called the Alan MacDonald Trust, When it was read out gobsmacked and this is my drive the day we lost Alan (Hit and Run) i swore he would not die in vain to his sister and will do every thing in my power anyway i can before i die to make it happen,

As for myself health wise had a good run touch wood not had Major Pancreatic Attack since move and because of that my weight is finally back to normal not a skinny anymore lol lol,

Most people i know celebrate losing weight i am delighted to put it back on but the Abbey Bridge TollHouse Cafe defo helped hehehehe,

My friends have been a great support sharing links RT's ect and i appreciate all of their help from in front and behind the scenes little messages like "Don't Give Up" to "You Will Do It Believe in Yourself  " Be Proud Of Your Achievements" to even feeding me my own medicine go read "Bouncbackability" lol lol ect ect there encouragement at low points are a great boost and support to me,

From the Boss to Newest DJ's at 1 Radio who encouraged and help make me grow into their Poet Laureate Enormous Pride the day i received my T-Shirt to prove it (Big Smile with Pride),

My Website tried something different and for Giggle pic of me at Last years Britian's Got Talent Auditions decided not right so being changed again 2 pictures 2 not rights so back to drawing board loving the challenges and learning that is coming from it  1st Book ect wording, printer, publishing, ect things i knew very little about before,

the Main inspiration for 2nd Book and Competition is Harry Moseley that why 2nd book will help support the kids and running Competition For the Kids sure somewhere out there we could have our next generation budding Rabbie Burns (Bard).

Tell your local Schools Colleges Youth Organization's ect encourage your own kids son's daughters Gran Child to enter Their Poem Published in Limited Edition Book ect,

Help and Inspire with Love Peace and Harmony
love to all
May Thomson