hi all

due to the situation i find myself in this is probably one of the most serious blogs i have done the reason self protection,

as a survivor of horrific childhood and 2 court cases i sentenced the other walked with 2 not guilty and 5 no proven,

1 dead 1 still alive and now to this day still using mental abuse to try destroy me was threatened that if i ever told and taken to court before he left this earth he would remove me 1st and type who could do it and get away with it,

some people out there might think i and over estimating this how he is doing it is using my own family against me he is pulling the strings no one can help and stop him  now using family member who has never even met me she knows my face through website twitter ect but I don’t know hers so if anything happens to me I want these facts know in public as our police and justice system cannot help me or protect me I will now do it my own way by making it public,

when i ask for help i am 50 years old and all my life been told sorry we cannot help in your circumstances/ situation ect ect ect.

well this lady sick to back teeth hearing that British Justice System to me represents Rights for the criminals and None for the victims and survivors,