Who Is Evil???

They say I am evil pure evil,

This is such a hurtful pill,

They say I did not love our mum,

It is all so un-true,

I really did love her to,

12 years down the line from when she died,

They don’t seem to see the other side,

All humans make mistakes and have flaws,

Why do they keep attacking me with cat’s claws?

No sighting or contact with me in all that time,

The way I am treated by them you would think,

It was me, who committed a serious crime,

Not taking this crap on board this time,

They say they know this and that about me,

Why can’t they leave it alone for us all to be free?

From all the anger pain and strife,

That has been inflicted on us in this life,

The venom anger and pain aimed my way,

Makes me so sad for them today,

Oh how I would love to teach them,

There is recovery in love and healing,

Now I see how bad they are feeling,

I now rejoice life with beauty and light,

No longer filled with anger fear or fright,

Rain wind hail snow or sun,

My life bright and full of fun,

Loving caring people surround me,

With help and support I stay free,

From all the rage and the pain,

Don’t think we will ever be,

A true loving family ever again,