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Positive of Benefit Britain

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, February 20, 2014,

Snap shot of 8 yrs going from Employed to Sick Unemployed no Hope to Building from this negative into a Scottish Poetess and helping others to have better lives

Positive of Benefit Britain


After the Latest series of Benefit Britain on our TV and the continual portrayal of the negativity Media Coverage of being on Benefits, I am sick to the back teeth with it,

So this is how we are not All sitting on our backsides doing nothing to improve things for Themselves.


This True Story star...

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End of 2012

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, December 13, 2012,
Survivorsburg's Year

Well the journey continues as like most had my Difficulties and Hurdles to over come this year  but my achievements and good out weighs them.

In my own life and new home steps forward hall/landing decorated also our bathroom looking nice and fresh next years goals for home is our own bedroom and our kitchen to get decorated.

As Survivorsburg massive learning curve 1st with my own website what i have now this is Survivorsburg2006 website the seal was a help at the start of th...
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Posted by may thomson on Tuesday, November 13, 2012,
by now most of you know i published my 1st Poetry Book to help me support 3 charities the reason for each charity picked was 1st time Person i never met Inspired me to write a Poem Twitter @Tor87 with my new found Talent Gift not for Money not for Self Gain to give Hope she shared it with LLTGL (Live Life Then Give Life)The Gift Of A Lifetime:  who published it on there site the Pride i felt that day Enormous then a Gentlemen (ex-Soldier) saw it and ask me to write a poem for Him Twitter @...
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Hello from survivorsburg2006

Posted by May Thomson. on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

Thought the time was right to learn/ start blogging let you know what is happening with myself and website i launched the website last Sept 2010 and have been overwhelmed by the amount of hits worldwide and such positive feedback from my comments page, thank you all who took the time to leave comments they are all lovely and your support is so appreciated. Those that have visited the site will know it is all about helping others and spreading Love Peace and H...

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Who Is Evil ???

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

Who Is Evil???

They say I am evil pure evil,

This is such a hurtful pill,

They say I did not love our mum,

It is all so un-true,

I really did love her to,

12 years down the line from when she died,

They don’t seem to see the other side,

All humans make mistakes and have flaws,

Why do they keep attacking me with cat’s claws?

No sighting or contact with me in all that time,

The way I am treated by them you would think,

It was me, who committed a serious crime,

Not taking this crap on board this time,


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Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

With my first blog I told you that I was having a friend come from America, glad to tell you all it was a success. We had time to relax, time to do tourist sites, met up with Haze (@Silverharp 100) who had arranged a table @illegalJacks a suprise to robin (@tango2paris)  and me (@survivorsburg) with a sign on the table reserved in our twitter names. We thought it a lovely suprise by Haze and Jack would like to thank them both for making us feel very special and Jack’s lovely staff too for h...

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1st Anniversary

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

On satuarday the 30/07/11 i had my 1st public preformance of my work, was nervous all week to the run up to the actual event then they just seem to disappear.

The evening itself was absoutely fabulous all the 1Radio crew were so welcoming  they really enjoyed my poem about them, made them laugh to, which left me feeling very proud and on cloud nine, to feel so much love respect and admiration in one room all at the same time for me was just so wonderful, so would like to thank them all for the...

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New Update

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,


Since my last blog I have had 1st radio interview with Garry Evans on would like to take this opportunity to thank Garry for a fun interview and for inviting me to be his guest.

I applied and did an Audition for Britain’s Got Talent , now the wait till FEB/MARCH to find out if I got through,

would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped with costumes, music ect.

My husband:  for all the running about and getting me to audition,

Pamela Brown:  my friend who ...

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End Of 2011 what a year

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

Hi Everyone

This blog is to sum up my year 2011 and what a year lots of firsts for me this year (Mag Article) (public performance of my own work) (Poet Laureate 1radio) (Radio Interview) (Talent Competition) (Tweet Meet) with (@SilverHarp100) (International Tweet Meet) with (@tango2paris) (my transatlantic twin) and now writing a book made some very special connections with special people all around the world the wonder of modern communications this is also to thank Everyone who has helped me ...

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Sorry we can’t Help

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,

hi all

due to the situation i find myself in this is probably one of the most serious blogs i have done the reason self protection,

as a survivor of horrific childhood and 2 court cases i sentenced the other walked with 2 not guilty and 5 no proven,

1 dead 1 still alive and now to this day still using mental abuse to try destroy me was threatened that if i ever told and taken to court before he left this earth he would remove me 1st and type who could do it and get away with it,

some people out t...

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1st Poetry Book by Survivorsburg

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,
Well here is the 1st Poetry book not all my own work the poems and most of the pictures are but was edited by my friend Kieran Harvey so 1st would like to thank Kieran for all his hard work in helping me make this possible, on the preview of the book you can only see the 1st 15 pages to see rest unfortunately you will have to buy the book.
I have picked 3 charities I would like you help me support Help For Heroes LLTGL and Soldiers Off The Streets as each I have written poems for and are featu...

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