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End of 2012

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, December 13, 2012,
Survivorsburg's Year

Well the journey continues as like most had my Difficulties and Hurdles to over come this year  but my achievements and good out weighs them.

In my own life and new home steps forward hall/landing decorated also our bathroom looking nice and fresh next years goals for home is our own bedroom and our kitchen to get decorated.

As Survivorsburg massive learning curve 1st with my own website what i have now this is Survivorsburg2006 website the seal was a help at the start of th...
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1st Poetry Book by Survivorsburg

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, March 15, 2012,
Well here is the 1st Poetry book not all my own work the poems and most of the pictures are but was edited by my friend Kieran Harvey so 1st would like to thank Kieran for all his hard work in helping me make this possible, on the preview of the book you can only see the 1st 15 pages to see rest unfortunately you will have to buy the book.
I have picked 3 charities I would like you help me support Help For Heroes LLTGL and Soldiers Off The Streets as each I have written poems for and are featu...

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