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Positive of Benefit Britain

Posted by may thomson on Thursday, February 20, 2014,

Snap shot of 8 yrs going from Employed to Sick Unemployed no Hope to Building from this negative into a Scottish Poetess and helping others to have better lives

Positive of Benefit Britain


After the Latest series of Benefit Britain on our TV and the continual portrayal of the negativity Media Coverage of being on Benefits, I am sick to the back teeth with it,

So this is how we are not All sitting on our backsides doing nothing to improve things for Themselves.


This True Story star...

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Posted by may thomson on Tuesday, November 13, 2012,
by now most of you know i published my 1st Poetry Book to help me support 3 charities the reason for each charity picked was 1st time Person i never met Inspired me to write a Poem Twitter @Tor87 with my new found Talent Gift not for Money not for Self Gain to give Hope she shared it with LLTGL (Live Life Then Give Life)The Gift Of A Lifetime:  who published it on there site the Pride i felt that day Enormous then a Gentlemen (ex-Soldier) saw it and ask me to write a poem for Him Twitter @...
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