About Me


I am a lady who only found her ability for poetry few years ago after an accident  had to change what i did with my life so i now do acting for universal extra's and poetry  after continued requests i have built a website so people can see my work i have had a varied life and my work is about  life and my observation of life hope you enjoy it.

The aim for me with the GOOD CAUSES page is to help awareness of good causes and charities through artwork eventually to set up a trust myself for survivors of trauma

My aim in life is to spread Love Peace and Harmony, due to recent events that have happened since i started my website proudest moment is being ask by Help For Heroes to write a poem for them for their big H gigs.

My 1st magazine article  can be read in the Summer2011 Editon of the 1Mag Pages 14 & 15 at 1radio.org

A station that shares their talents and that of others

Update : From listener to Poet Laureate @1radio.org  to be part of such a great station, have learned so much, met such wonderful people, all of whom in there own ways inspire 1st I  had 1st Interview, 1st Poem read in Public, 1st Re-union of any kind, 1st Duel Broadcast of a Show, 1st Poem put to Music, 1st Music/Poem mixed in a Chart, each a different very special occasion then on the 21/03/2012 Poet Laureate got a Personal Gift that gave her great pleasure, then an actual copy a Book  in afternoon arrived Survivorburg2006 Poetry book most of the Photo's are by me Poems By me Edited By Kieran Harvey a DJ/Presenter i met on the 1 

i am still writing my own Poems also an Autobiography Journey of Survival once Again have great Help in Excellent Co - Author Jenny Lyon for both of us i hope a wonderful new adventure in our lives.


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