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 This poem was for a very inspirational young man little HARRY MOSELEY  another Twitter inspiration was kindly given permission to write and post a poem for  Harry to send him a little joy


Harry is eleven he has a tumour in his head,
Never thinks of himself but other kids instead,
Making bracelets to help these children to,
Little trouper always smiling never him blue,
He works endlessly on his campaign,
Even when he is in great pain,
Writing speeches for his presentations,
Harry has had quite a few operations,
Last one he is still sleeping,
His mum and dad twitter followers,
A vigil they are all keeping,
In our prayers and daily thoughts,
We all love you harry lots and lots,
500k he has raised selling and putting his bracelets on show,
Good example for other kids and adult to follow,
My bad days when my foot is hurting again,
He makes me feel so very lucky mine is not in my brain,
The 1st time I saw harry he made me cry,
When asked his Christmas wish,
To stop other children suffering like I,
To see Harrys happy smiling face,
Makes the world a nicer place,
So come on Harry please please awake,
Then your mum can take you home,
 And Bake you a nice big round cake,

All of our love Harry.
All your followers and friends

© May Thomson
AKA survivorsburg

Donate your Old Shoes

donkey heaven

 Texas Sue

Sue from Texas is going to dive,

Helping others stay alive,

With love and dignity,

Not jumping for play,


Sue lives in Texas,

But a UK lady,

We all things she’s gone crazy,

Jumping out a plane that’s,

Perfectly fine,

We all believe in why,

Know she will shine,


A brain tumour took her wee bro,

Now hospice funds,

She wants to grow,

So let’s all support our Sue,

Very brave what she’s about to do.


© May Thomson


Example :

A Gift Of A Lifetime

We all have hopes and fears,
Many of them can reduce us to tears,
All reading this once dead are spares,
Our ups and downs of daily life
Imagine needing an Organ to stay alive,

Most of us do not want to consider,
What happens once we are dead?
Think Donate our Organs,
Then others may lead a life,
That’s is full instead of life in bed,

A Heart to Beat, Lungs to Breathe, and Eyes to see,
All can be used after thee,
So carry a card register on the internet,
Then the recipients can get set,

Improved lives free to live,
So please once you are dead,
Your Organs please please give,
Through time of great sadness,
Bring joy to others instead,

In Twitterland @Tor87 has inspired me,
To ask you all your Organs to Donate,
So others live a life active and free,
Please please fulfil her plea,

The soul moves on the body dead,
By Donating parts live on instead,
So bring joy back to these people lives,
Next time might be one of your own,
That needs that vital Organ to survive.

© May Thomson

Been a donor card carrier since 18 yrs now registered on internet to

young lady on twitter inspired me to write this in support of Organ Donation


The Photo


When I was quite small Gran kept sweets in a drawer,

Tucked in the cupboard, right next to the door,

And on the top shelf stood a photo of me,

Taken when I was perhaps two, maybe three.

She would re-tie my ribbon and smooth my blonde curls,

And say to me “Clare, you’re the luckiest of girls,”

I knew it was true, for I might have no Mum,

But I always had Gran; she was warmth, she was fun.


She’d put on her apron, light blue with pink flowers,

We’d stand in the kitchen and spend several hours,

Making tarts with thick treacle, warm, sticky and gold,

Which we’d eat, the same day, when the filling was cold.

When I couldn’t play out, and the weather was wet,

She would talk about Granddad and how they first met,

I had no recollection of him, none at all,

Just the grey peeling photograph, hung on the wall.


When I was fifteen, she would “tut” in despair,

At my tight fitting clothes and my pink tinted hair,

And when I went out on my very first date,

She sat in the window, eyes fixed on the gate.

She’d look over her glasses; become somewhat vexed,

As she warned of the perils of unmarried sex,

With wayward young boys who would lead you astray,

And once you’d succumbed, would just go on their way.


At nineteen, I came home, with my new boyfriend Paul,

And Gran, of course said, “I don’t like him at all,”

But as time went on by, he would coax her and tease,

Eventually Gran became far more at ease.

The day we got wed, she was surrogate ‘Dad’

She was all that I wanted, and all that I had,

As I swept down the aisle, with my rose pink bouquet,

At the grand age of sixty, she gave me away.


Now, twenty years later, I take her some flowers,

I sit by her bed, and I stay several hours,

I lean forward so gently, then softly I kiss her,

I tell her I love her, I tell her I miss her.

Her sweet smile is vacant, her eyes dim and sad,

She has no recollection of shared times we had,

I bring her clean clothing; I coax her to eat;

And try to ignore her sad air of defeat.


It sits on her dresser that photo of me,

Taken when I was perhaps two, maybe three,

With questioning eyes, she now cradles the frame,

And my tears gently fall as she asks me my name.


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2007

This was written in meemory of Jan's gradmother who raised her then contracted Alzheimers.

Sleep Well Tonight


Will you sleep well in bed tonight?

No phone call or knock at the door

To give you a fright,

Are mum and dad tucked up in bed?

Mines is in the services,

They are on the front line instead,

So tonight as you rest you’re weary head,

Think of our Mums, Dads, Brothers and sisters,

Sleeping in an un-safe camp bed,

Ducking rockets landmines and bullets

To stay alive,

All of this for Democracy to survive,

Does your heart start thumping?

 When the news comes on,

Another one of our servicemen are gone,

So as you go about your daily life,

Remember all those brave boys and girls to,

They do all of this to keep it safe for me and you.


© May Thomson


 this is written in honour of ever man and women that have served their country in the military in honour of HELP FOR HEROE'S 

may they all return home safe xx

info for THE BIG H






Do you watch the Queen’s Birthday Parade?

Or even the Military Tattoo,

This is the big showcase,

Of what our servicemen/women do,

For me and for you,


But what happens when their service,

Comes to an end,

Good jobs good wages not all,

Can depend,

The scars of war physical and mental they all carry,

Dreams of home one day to marry,


Then the torment and nightmares begin,

Making them feel uncomfortable in their own skin,

Back in society you have to obey,

The laws of this land,

Does no-one out there even understand?


Sights we have seen,

Places we have been,

My brain starts to scream,

Now homeless we are seen as unclean,


The next time a person on the street you see,

Maybe stop for a moment or two,

Find out what they use to do,

Served my country done the pomp and ceremony too,

Now Penniless homeless it makes me blue,


The reason for this is many fold,

Mainly things that have to remain untold,

My head explodes with things,

Most civilians will never see,

So the next time a street person makes a plea,

Please please listen it might just be me.


© May Thomson


 Danny from HELP FOR HEROES  asked after i did Sleep Well Tonight if i could do another

for to support the SOLDIERS OF THE STREETS 


The ones who fought for our Country
I feel sorry for people who were in the world war
who fought for this country for freedom & more
I wonder what they really think of England today
bet they would stand & stare with nothing to say
in this country there is freedom of speech
the English language is the one we teach
if it wasn't for the heroes of world war two
it would be German they'd be teaching you
why do you try to change the law of our land
when this land has given you a helping hand
so live by the rules & show some respect
& don't do anything that you will regret
these men & women were so very brave
& all that is left is just a shallow grave
defended our country without a single thought
but all their lives that were cut so short
we must not forget the heroes of the past
may the memories & love always last.
 Steve Fox


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