Scottish Referendum

A vote fir independence we're aboot tae take,

Let,s not start fighting with each other,

Fir guidness sake,

United we stand devided we fall,

Let,s stand like always prood and tall,

Fir nae politician again will i vote,

But my Country deserves my Support,

A lot of talent lies within this small nation,

Full of new idea's and creation,

As voters we aw get annoyed wi,

Rules and regulations set fae London toon,

If we get a Aye vote?

We'll be able tae march oan Edinburgh soon,

If we vote Naw back tae Westminster's door,

Quote theirs are a few,

Mine from Movie Stone Of Destiny,

"We fight not for glory but for FREEDOM",

This was the movie i had a part in you see,

Freedom tae make oor ain decisions,

Not for all four nations,

But for the One,

Then things better get done,

Fae my country,

I try tae spread Love Peace and Harmony,

Like many a Scot through my Poetry,

So aye or naw

Here's tae a future bright fir aw.

May Thomson


Oh Beautiful

The beauty of every day,

Totally blows me away,

Land Sea or Sky,

Makes me feel so good,

I could almost fly,

Every colour of the rainbow on display,

Summer spring autumn or even a winters day,

This beauty surrounds me where ever i look,

Then i realise really what it took,

For me to survive and feel so alive'

All this beauty is around everyone,

Most so busy, stop look and have some fun,

From concrete jungle to the Amazon,

Something beautiful is going on,

A special moment with a child,

Watch out window when Mother Nature wild,

From Funeral to Celebration'

Life truely is a beautiful creation.

May Thomson.



My Potato Peeler


My potato peeler was gifted to me,

By a beautiful angel who heard my peeler plea,

Please please can I take this peeler home with me?

This is the best peeler for me you see,

Since my original got broke,

Trying to replace it became a joke,

Search all the big department stores,

To put this peeler back in my cutlery drawers,

Dually gifted with love,

By an angel from above,

Most days I use my potato peeler,

Days spent in the kitchen with her,

Could not be clearer,

She is my dear friend Gloria.


© May Thomson



I Think of You


I think of you each morning,

I think of you each night,

I think of you when the sun is shining bright,

I think of you at dusk's last light,

I think of you each birthday,

I think of you each Christmas day,

I think of you and wish you never went away,

I think of you with a smile,

I think of you when I sit and remember for a little while,

I think of you and the precious time we shared,

I think of you as you cared,

I think of you when sad and blue,

 I think of you wish I could have one more day with you,

I think of you all year,

I think of you as you were so loving and dear,

 I think of you not because you are dead,

I think of you for the love and help I felt instead,

I think of you to were having you in my life has led,

I think of you now it’s time for bed,

I Think Of You.


©May Thomson



Benefit Scum

Many title’s I do hold,

A new one bestowed,

Benefit scum i have been told,

Noo this Benefit Scum has a Plea,

Please won’t someone listen to me?

Tae gee back tae society,

I noo write English/Scottish poetry,


Efter a hurt masel oan the joab,

The joab I did lose,

Foond a new talent,

So noo the path a choose,


Ma aim tae help others,

Through what I write,

Help tae gee them a chance,

Of a life balanced and right,


7years since a fund it,

Noo into the world,

I want it to fit,

Live in Love Peace and Harmony,

Jist like I have since that healing day,


Foond oot aboot a situation,

That seek ‘end me tae the core,

A family of loving sheep,

With a wolf behind the door,

A vulnerable old lady,

So loving and dear,

The wolf’s only intent,

Her bank account to clear,


The Family did find oot,

The wolves claiming,

None of you gave a hoot,

No ensuing law suit,


Oan the outside looking in,

Daein this tae yir ain kith and kin,

Businesses braw hoosies tae,

Hiding preying on our elderly,


I have this to say to society,

Give me benefit scum any day,

Than thieving scum that steals,

An old ladies money and dignity,


So who would you choose?

Benefit Scum giving out,

Love Peace and Harmony,

Or thieving scum who steals,

From our vulnerable in society,


My poetry in a book I am trying tae sell,

Tae raise money fir charities,

And a wee bit fir masel,

Dinae write ma words for profit,

Love Peace and Harmony,

Tae help others find it,

Tae balance life each day,


Trying tae make masel a living,

Oot a talent that was a late discovery,

So Benefit scum if that’s

Is what you have to call me?

At least trying to earn an income,

Through talent and with honesty.


© May Thomson


Robin Younes aka Tango2Paris with May Thomson's Book

OOR Scottish Adventure

Thought it would be real fine,
On arrival to cross the English/Scottish line,
Translates to THE BORRDER,
Oh goodness me,
Oor TANGO found it colder,
Standing either side of the boulder,

I laughed when I heard her pleas
This Scottish weather is going to make,
Oor TANGO freeze,
So wi 49ers Jacket a Big Bear Hug I gave her,
I’ll keep yi waarrm and save yea,

Her excitement at all that she see’s,
Oh to this Scottish Lassie’s heart does please,
See the sparkle light her Beautiful eyes,
At the beauty of my Country beneath,
Dark grey cloudy Scottish skies,

A small nation that fights for FREEDOM,
Tango Hun glad to Bonnie Scotland,
You did decided to come,
Our Birthday came and went,
It was a very quiet relaxing event,

The joy in my heart,
Tango and I were not apart,
Start the New decade of Adventure,
Having Tango Here has been,
An absolute treasure,

Her joy and excitement,
Cast it spell on me,
At the weather and all its diversity,
Fae Jedhart Toon to Edinburgh’s Fair City,
Unfortunately this visit St Andrews,
Had to be cancelled,
 that was such a real pity,

Now told our TANGO,
Scatland was Real Bonniee,
Across the Atlantic Ocean she did flyy,
Come right over visit little old mee,
And the hameland life she waunted to try,

Now one evening a friend did arrive,
A single haggis fae the chippy,
To taste almost immediately,
Tango did strive,
Going rather flippy,

Friend asked would you like to try,
Oor Scottish fare,
We Scots really do like to share,
So a chippy haggis Tango did taste,
Ate it all none went to waste,

 Tango had to be Different,
Put on American Barbeque Sauce,
With gasps of horror and a pause,
Let’s try that was the plea,
Big grown men but with kiddies glee,
New dish created Transaltanticlee,

One evening Tango waunted us to try,
American food instead of a Scottish Fry,
It was nice American fare,
But for Pepper’s she now knows,
I definitely don’t care,

Now Melrose Station was a blast,
seeing and appreciating,
old time skills and craft,
then playing aboot like 2 kids gawing daft,
 characters in our own movie cast,
makes me just want to laugh and laugh,

Today the last day before she flies,
right on home to sunshiny blue skies,
If I said I would not like to return with her,
I would be telling big pork pies, (lies)

 Her leaving tomorrow is going to be sad,
To help her visit her hameland,
I am so very proud and glad,
The memories of the week we shared,
Her staying with people who really cared,

In My Bonnie Scottish homeland,
I am so very glad she came,
With love peace and harmony,
I regretfully send her hame.

So to the Good old US of A,
Always give oor Tango a nice day,
Or I’ll be over to kidnap this lady,
Tae bring her back to her roots ,
The Scotland Way.

© May Thomson

Haste yi Back Bonnie Lass

Published in Survivorsburg2006 May's Poetry on

What Are You More Afraid Of

What frightens you more today?
Daily life’s stresses and strains,
You know Bills, Kids, House, Garden ect ect,
Yes it can be a pain,

Take yourself back to childhood,
Do you have joy or great pain?
If you’re past scares you,
Almost frightens you to death,
Then find help bring real love,
Back into your life again,

Visit the child with-in,
Treat it with great love,
As you would a baby sent from above,
With the love of the adult you have became,
You can bring back,
That innocent child that did remain,

Help the inner child to grow and recover,
The treasures held so dear,
Then you can face life once again,
Without all the fear,

The treasure that you do speak,
Not solid items that you seek,
But for Peace in your head and heart,
Regain the love of nature,
You had at the very start,

The Beauty of the seasons,
Beautiful colours on show,
The white snow of winter,
The beauty of the sunset,
A crisp autumn glow,

Spring new life does start,
Air filled with romantic hearts,
Summer wonderful colours all on display,
Late nights fooling around,
The children out at play,

Are you stressing about both now and then,
Do you find yourself?
Doing things you don’t want to do,
Not knowing why and have no clue,

Look inside it is always true,
The real inside never lies to you,
Smacking your kids or shouting,
At them at the top of your voice,
They don’t, but you do have a choice,

We all have hidden talents,
And a few failures to,
But now look at what you do,
If you want peace and harmony to rein,
Then you need to sort and mend the pain,

The rage and anger you display,
Will come back to haunt you one day,
Just look back a few weeks ago,
Fruits of damaged parents on show,

If you don’t want to live,
In a society so violent,
Look at what you show and teach,
The children of the future,
Or one day you might just repent,

So sow seeds of love peace and harmony,
For a caring society to survive,
Then all of the world can feel,
How wonderful it is to be alive.

So What Are You More Afraid Of???

May thomson


Healing from Inside

Have you been Beaten Abused and Traumatised?

When everyone around you deceived and lied,

Is the real you trapped away inside?

Because of what others have done,

Now you feel life has no joy or fun,

Not able to enjoy another day of true sun,


I write this to let you know it’s not so,

It’s like this if you cannot heal inside,

Once you do again you will blossom and glow,

Just like I have done,

Now everyday is fun,


Rain hail snow or sunshine,

Speak out then you will be fine,

When before you spoke trapped in head and heart,

Search for help and the key,

So once again you can live a life free,


Free to see the real beauty of life,

Instead of living with all the pain and strife,

Go forward listen to your heart,

Was always right from the start?


A victim of a horrific childhood I have been told,

That is history and very old,

Now I am shining bright,

Not everything is quite right,

Each day I wake with a smile,

Look out my window for a while,

See nature’s true delight,

There is no fear or fright,


Live with the truth and who you really are,

No longer depending on that old disused scar,

Anger and fighting are not the answer for you,

Look inside to make you happy instead of blue,


Processions are a short term fix,

You need head and heart to un-mix,

You know what’s right from wrong,

Join together teach a peace loving song,

So we can all grow to be big and strong...


© May Thomson



World Shock        



How many of you do what I do?

Rise each day cuppa T.V on for the news,

Today the horror and shock we did not choose,

Mother Nature in Japan has damaged and bruised,


Now I know we see only small snap shots,

But today pray with thanks for all your lots,

The devastation has got through to me,

When little children dead on my screen I see,


Today seeing this sight I find myself grieving,

Although in Japan no-one I am knowing,

Now some might think a fool I am being,

Others will feel and see what I am seeing,


Generations wiped out by this disaster,

So see what you have in front of you,

And love honour and look after,

Tomorrow they might not be,

 Around to share your laughter,


Today I ask you share your love,

Send around the world a loving dove,

With everyone that you might meet,

Family friend foe or on the street,

Today smile with love at all who you greet,



We each have problems in our daily lives,

That can cause us strife and pain,

Witness to this disaster makes you realise,

Exactly how small they really are again.


© May Thomson




Our Prayers Go Out To You All x


Our Beautiful New Home


So happy I could cry,

Prefect in every way,

Could not do better,

No matter how hard I try,

Each morning with coffee in hand,

Watch the birds in the sky,

And the wild life of the land,


John is smiling and saying he loves me again,

The man I married years ago is filling,

Me with love instead of causing pain,

Can’t you hear and see,

Now I want to stay not flee,


The old house had become a strain,

Causing anxiety panic and pain,

Now a newlywed couple,

We are behaving like,

If he ever stops now I go on strike,


My knight in shining armour,

Has come back in all his glory,

This is a happy ending story,

Now to get him to qualify,

Once again I know on him,

Each day I can rely,


Now 4 days in I was in tears,

Joyous childhood memories,

Instead of all the fears,

Remembering that little girl,

How she learnt to spot,

The different birds of this land,

There are an awful lot,


To see a husband happy,

Instead of long faced and blue,

This is a love and happiness,

That is meaningful and true,

To last our whole lives through.


© May Thomson



MY Solo Hero




I have loved you since I was a teen,

No one else have I seen,

Since your voice stole my heart,

You are the one and only Rod Stewart,


From Sailing to Maggie May,

Hearing you always makes my day,

3 times you have been wed,

Each time wish it was me instead,


But alas it was not meant to be,

Only once your eyes set upon me,

Hampden Stadium 1999,

Held your hand for 3 seconds was divine,


Hot Legs my highlander says,

Was written about me,

Part of the reason he,

Say he married to me,


The Rhythm of this heart,

Beats only for Rod Stewart,

You have the coolest voice,

You are my number 1 choice,


Now almost 37 years later,

I think there is no one greater,

Than you dearest Rod,

A rocker never a mod.


© May Thomson


Published in Survivorsburg2006 May's Poetry on
Hey Rod if you ever See This even put Green and White on my website when i and true Blue: what more sacrifice can a Fan make ? lol

How I Became A Tweeter

Now a few years ago a talent for poetry I did re-discover,
Writing poetry has help me a whole new world to discover,
A few rhymes I wrote only read to family,
Then a few more came then read to friends occasionally,

My 1st public appearance a diamond celebration,
What a wonderful event was told my poem was brilliant,
Bias though I thought with family consent,
But appreciated the comments of my creation,

Sadly 5 months later a creation for a funeral,
Both were heartfelt and very personnel,
Now 2 years later a host of poems I have constructed,
From lives event to the planes being grounded,

Then at the beginning of this year,
Construct a poem about my part-time career,
Published in the Universal-Extra’s newsletter,
To endorse others belief in my work,
Nothing could have worked better,

After months of being told,
My work should be seen,
Needs to be put in the public domain,
Thought of this filled me with such fear,
Also how to do it I was not to clear,

My husband a trainee Web-Designer,
A website for you what could be finer?

Now one night watching the Gadget Show instead of Top Gear,
An @jasonbradbury challenge which he won,
Brought me to be a tweeter,

My aim Love Peace and Harmony to others is to spread,
Bringing calm to heart and head,
Each night before they go to bed,
Then everyone will be properly rested.

© May Thomson,

Volcanic Silence


What is missing from your daily life today?

No planes flying across each way,

In Iceland a volcano errupted,

Spewed its ash away up high,

Now the sky corrupted,


No white streak across a bright blue background,

No engine roar above there is no sound,

Because all the planes are on the ground,


Now for business and holiday makers both of them,

This is an inconvenience and a real pain,

To be able to hear Mother Nature at her best,

Long long may she reign,


The tweeter of birds and humming of the bees,

These things to an ear do so please,

So a day with no planes,

We can all stand again,


Holiday makers and travellers alike,

Sorry it cause you all so much dislike,

But for all of us down here,

It’s so great on the ear,

So on this day we all give a great big cheer.



© May Thomson



Published in Survivorsburg2006 May's Poetry on

Abbey Bridge Tollhouse


When in old Jedburgh town,

Make sure you have a good look around,

Visit the Abbey Bridge Toll House,

A lovely cottage feel and quite as a mouse,


A juice ice-cream or coffee for you,

Your host Ginni Gwen Shelia and all the crew,

Warmest of welcomes for granny,

The children including you too,


The gift shop is first for you to see,

The car you can even park for free,

From beautiful glass to baa-ing sheep,

Wire love signs for your home,

To purchase enjoy and keep,


Sandwich snack or a cuppa with a cake,

All freshly made for you to partake,

Roll sandwich or even lunch,

Plenty of choice for you and the entire bunch,


Don’t be afraid to ask about anything,

You see on display,

Ginni and the ladies will answer just to help,

Make you have a happy day,


Please stop a while as you come or leave,

Best of service you will always receive,

With a happy smile upon a face,

Sit back relax and enjoy the space,



The Abbey Bridge Tollhouse

Is the beginning or the end?

Easing the tensions of the long drive,

It surely does mend.


© May Thomson





From Words Comes Poems



Some of my poems you read today,

A special friend gave the title to me,

See what you can make with that your way,

Bouncebackability and Disqualified are two,

Then when read to them it,

Makes them happy instead of blue,

To my special friend I say thank you,

Different ideas and themes,

Each one written not what,

Was expected it seems,

But I know it makes them smile,

When I sit and write for a while,

Making up poems and rhymes,

Good for the soul in bad and good times.


© May Thomson


Peggy’s Collection



Do you like good quality knitwear?

Some good information I would like to share,

Peggy collection is real fine,

Vintage inspired is her line,

Hats, scarf’s, wraps, even dresses,

She knits all these while dealing with life’s stresses,

A talented knitter that’s for sure,

All delivered to your door,

So if you like vintage inspired design,

That hugs a body real fine,

Go to Peggy’s collections,

Take a look at all her creations,

Housewife, business lady, knitter and mother,

3 kiddies she has 1 girl and 2 boys,

Forever picking up their toys,

A skilful lady indeed,

Just email her for what you need,

From babies, ladies to gents wear,

All her prices are fair,

We met each other on twitter,

Lovely designs you can’t get better.


May Thomson

























© May Thomson



Burke and Hare 2010

Sick for almost 3 years,

Enough to reduce anyone to tears,

Then I got the call,

You would’ent happen to be free,

For 3 days next week at all,

Yes I am free,

How may I fulfil your plea?

A 3 day shoot we have for you,

2 days Stirling Castle 1 day Edinburgh too,

A market lady I would play,

All skanked up and no hair on display,

Layers and layers of skirts,

And a real corset that really hurts,

Real fun it has been,

Can’t wait to see it on the big screen,

The tale of Burke and Hare we do tell,

Across the world this story is known well,

1st days shoot was cold and sunshine,

With thermals lots of layers,

I was warm snug and fine,

2nd day we had snow as well,

When you see the movie,

You won’t be able to tell,

John Landis and his good lady wife,

Has brought the joy back into my life,

Meeting all of your team,

Has been an absolute scream,

Although too many to mention by name,

My feelings for all of them are the same,

Each one an absolute treasure,

Working for you has been a great pleasure,

The Saturday before I started work for you,

A wardrobe fit I had to do,

Find out what part I would play,

And what was required of me each day,

Each day my long hair I would plait,

Too assist you’re team from the start,

Your make-up team wanted to see,

My hair without plaits and the real me,

So on the Wednesday I did say,

Going to let the wee devil in me come out to play,

Whoever gets it right?

Can take out my plaits tonight,

Which one will get my bum upon their seat?

To get my hair so to un-pleat,

To see each one of their faces,

Filled me with such joy,

You would have thought,

Each one of them had been given a new toy,

The surprise I did get,

Working with Keiron again on your set,

Although there I do have one regret,

A photograph of him I manage to do,

But together I did forget,

And did not want to upset your crew,

So Dear John the next time my services you require,

I have got just one desire,

A posher part I would really like then,

Instead of a dirty skanky old hen,

So my long hair can be on show,

No bonnets hats or pins,

So down the back it can flow,

An actress I have always wanted to be,

Your movie sets these desires in me free,

Thank you again from the heart,

For asking me to have a part,

In your film with such a gruesome story,

Wish your movie has success and glory.

© May Thomson



My Premiere of Burke and Hare



No red carpet or media interview,

Into the Landrover and pick up my crew,

To the cinema we will go,

To my friends I am the Star of this show,


Get our tickets then sit and chill,

Announcement made said,

Burke and Hare sold out,

Oh that gave me such a thrill,


A wave of great excitement engulfed me,

My friends smiled with pride and glee,

Can’t wait to see myself on a movie screen,

Up till now the DVD is the way it has been,


Almost let out a scream,

When for the 1st time I did see,

Myself upon the big screen,

In that moment I felt like a Queen,


The movie made us jump and laugh,

This is definitely my life’s path,

One of my life’s ambitions fulfilled,

My friends were proud and thrilled,


A cold windy wet evening,

In the cinema in Edinburgh’s fair city,

Three lovely ladies looked so pretty,

With a real chill in the air,

This was my 1st movie Premiere.


© May Thomson



To See 1Radio Poet Laureate Work Click On Poet Laureate Page top Tool Bar
Shoot the DJ not the Poet Laureate

After a discussion I had with someone very dear to me,
So value their opinion something has became clear and I see,
Sometimes even people who know you, can perceive you wrong,
6 yrs ago recovery I did gain 1st time in life was truly strong,

Each day valuing the beauty of life for real,
Being able to truly feel instead of living life,
Like a piece of steel,
So in my younger day’s crazy stunts I did for charity,
Now older and unable I needed direction and clarity,
How could I stand on my own 2 feet to move forward’s,
But to help others find Love Peace and Harmony,
In their lives everyday I want to spread the love,
So all can live and truely be happy,

So how could I help charities dear to my heart?
Due to ill health no job for a start,
Then life events did unfold,
My direction and clarity I then did receive,
Now how do my new dreams do I achieve,
Then a suppressed talent return to me,
Discovered I wrote good Poetry,

In the beginning for family and friends alone,
Better writing poetry than just being a moan,
Fame and riches never my intention,
Helping others instead through my own creation,
So after continual nagging from family and friends,
Built a website to display Word Art known as Poetry,
To help others achieve their own Recovery,

So published a book of poetry to support,
Myself and charities I care about,
Each poetry book 3 charities will be supported,
Then someone to the DHSS I was reported,

My success I do not measure on my own financial gain,
Would like to stand on own 2 feet again,
To smile at a person or make them laugh,
 Just to make their day a little brighter,
Make a burdened heart a little lighter,

So after being told it seems to be,
 All about Me! Me! Me!
I decided to answer the only way I know how,
Through my own poetry,
So I hope this will let you all understand and see,
This is not all about Me! Me! Me!
My main aim in life is to build and support Charity,

To spread love not the hate and pain,
So others can have a quality life again,
To inspire the next generations,
With my own worded creations,

To help the charities raise needed resources,
Not just in the short term but also the long term to,
This is what i really want to do,
So even once my time has come end,
These charities will be supported,
Through my work daily funds they can depend.

© May Thomson




This the fifth shoot I have done,

Again meeting lots of nice people and having some fun,

Friendship made that you know will last,

From crew to members of the cast,

A modern day rose seller I did act,

The weather interfered badly that’s a fact,

A two day shoot turned into a week,

Last two days pure sunshine,

Got burnt, peeled, then looked like a freak,

This work brings me so much pleasure,

Giving me lots of wonderful memories to treasure,

A photo of Six Prince Charmin’s carrying me,

Makes a movie star for all to see,

My husband say’s it’s the best he has seen,

At least this time "dear" you are nice and clean,

The outfit I wore on the 1st day of the shoot,

Except for my scarf the rest of it did suit,

So once again universals extra’s gets a good score,

Working for you brings such happiness instead of a chore,

So always feel free to pick up the phone and request me,

Tell me where you need me to be,

For any set you require,

Working for you fulfils my desire,


© May Thomson



Mausam 2

A more elegant roll I did request,

And as always you have done your best,

A second shoot for mausam I have done,

Again lots and lots of fun,

This time a night shoot I would do,

First time I have done this for you,

To the director cast and crew,

It was great catching up with all of you,

Now one problem did exist,

No ballroom gown do I own,

Since thinner I had grown,

But reassurance on the phone,

Do not panic or get upset,

They will have plenty in wardrobe I bet,

Well wardrobe did have two,

One green and one a pal blue,

Crossed my finger and my toes,

As the hope for the blue one grows,

But alas it was not to be,

Only the green one fitted me,

Now green is not my favourite colour,

Red yellow purple any other,

Knew right from the start,

Would suffer for this art,

To be seen in green,

I was not very keen,

Everyone said I did look real fine,

Next time the ball gown will be mine,

Now thru the charity shops I will go,

Couple of gowns for any show,

Now where this shoot took place,

A building with such beauty and grace,

The architecture inside and outside too

This is the bonuses for working for you,

So once again my thanks to one and all,

Never hesitate to give me a call.

© May Thomson2010


Stone of Destiny


Stone of Destiny was my first casting,

A new career in acting,

A dream came true,

This is what I have always wanted to do,

For universal extra’s I did this shoot,

It was so much fun and such a hoot,

Again and again I will do this job,

Work that makes me laugh and smile instead of sob,

An Old gypsy women I would play,

On location out in the country,

A Hollywood gypsy in my mind’s eye I did see,

On the day of the shoot that resembled nothing like me,

All dressed up in character looked in the mirror and what did I see?

My dear departed grandmother looking back at me,

Looking in that mirror was a shock,

Looked exactly like her except for the frock,

Off to base we would be taken too,

Get checked over and ready for the crew,

On location the filming began,

Seeing pulling horses and the gypsies caravan,

The director, the stars, crew and the make-up artist too,

Cannot do enough to make this a fun experience for you,

So to one and all involved in this movie,

Would just like to say I thought you were all groovy,

Homeward bound with great excitement for it to be released,

When I got to see it I was so pleased,

A real historical character I would play,

Acting in this movie gave to me,

A greater interest in Scottish history.

© May Thomson


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Who Is Evil???




They say I am evil pure evil,

This is such a hurtful pill,

They say I did not love our mum,

It is all so un-true,

I really did love her to,


12 years down the line from when she died,

They don’t seem to see the other side,

All humans make mistakes and have flaws,

Why do they keep attacking me with cat’s claws?


No sighting or contact with me in all that time,

The way I am treated by them you would think,

It was me, who committed a serious crime,

Not taking this crap on board this time,


They say they know this and that about me,

Why can’t they leave it alone for us all to be free?

From all the anger pain and strife,

That has been inflicted on us in this life,


The venom anger and pain aimed my way,

Makes me so sad for them today,

Oh how I would love to teach them,

There is recovery in love and healing,

Now I see how bad they are feeling,


I now rejoice life with beauty and light,

No longer filled with anger fear or fright,

Rain wind hail snow or sun,

My life bright and full of fun,


Loving caring people surround me,

With help and support I stay free,

From all the rage and the pain,

Don’t think we will ever be,

A true loving family ever again,



May Thomson




Our Graveyard Team

This is a little thank you for you all,

Hope it makes you proud and tall,

Most of the work that you do goes unseen,

How you keep our graveyard tidy and clean,

From cutting the grass to the trimming of trees,

All for the public eye too please,

So for all the jobs that you do,

This is a very special big THANK YOU.

© May Thomson



Before You Left


Wish we could have met one more time,

Before I found out you were dead,

There were things that were left unsaid,

A loving father and dad we saw few times,

Then you committed serious crimes,

Not against people you did not know but you’re own,

That was your power zone,

To rule with an iron rod and fear,

Instead of a dad who is so loving and dear,

The news of your passing has been quite strange,

The timing right I can cope with this for a change,

Sad for the loving dad we did see,

But now apart of me yet again goes free,

Thought the day I got the news,

A party or celebration I would choose,

This is not how it went,

Listening to angels and time on my own I spent,

Thought I would curse you and damn you to hell,

The truth is I am handling this really well,

You missed out on so much of life,

Because of your behaviour,

Now you will have to answer to the saviour,

Could write so many bad things about you,

It would give ordinary people a fright,

But that would not make it better or even right,

Now looking back with Hine-sight,

I know the path I have chosen has made my future bright,

So to that man we had to call dad,

You did things so wrong and bad,

That left all of us angry and mad,

Then made us do it to each other,

The good news is I managed to recover.

© May Thomson


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Let In The Light

I love my family every one of them,

They don’t all feel the same for me,

They told me I was not part of their family,

Now looking back I am pleased,

To see I was a different branch in those trees’s,

For now the light shines in my life,

It’s not full of pain and strife,

Some still remains deep within,

I know I will meet it and take it on the chin,

With love trust and those around,

I know I am coming out of this sound,

In body, spirit and soul,

I know now one day I will be whole,

For within me is my light,

It has kept me going through the fight,

For 3 years it has always grown brighter,

Maybe I am just a stubborn born fighter,

The demons don’t come through the day,

It’s at night time they do prey,

In your thoughts and in your mind,

They lurk and catch you from behind,

Now with the strength within,

I can dilute them and learn to swim,

In my own inner golden light,

Now I just have to learn to let it burn bright.

© May Thomson 2009


Published in Survivorsburg2006 May's Poetry on

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